Hi there, heres one thats been recorded for about 5 years or so ,i mixed it about 6 month ago . just a bit of old fashioned funk rock Prince style, features Charlotte singing . hope you like it. thanks

What a tasty track! Very nice. Great stereo imaging.
Way cool. Yummy guitar too.

My only comment would be to add a little EQ edge to the male
vocal. I feel that will bring more clarity.

Good stuff!

Not really my style, but can’t fault the mix so good job :slight_smile:

Edit: I take that back. As the track progressed it grew on me. Nice!

thanks Jet for the kind words ,i`ll have a look at the eq advice on my voice .

Ha Ha ! thanks Strophoid, glad it grew on you , it would probably start annoying you next. :laughing: but only of course if you did listen again.

Like it a lot. Noticing that the female parts are generally center, and the male parts are spread left and right. Cool effect. Drums sound great. Solo right there in the center is so great. Love the way you play!

thanks Leon, appreciate it.

Very cool sound. Really liked the feel of everything.


thanks for the nice comment ,Jonathan.

Very Princy (Princey?), great rhythm guitars and contrasting chorus, and I love the juicy full fat solo. Lovely chromatic moves.


Thanks for the listen and nice comment Steve ,look forward to your next release.

Clever track with surprising arrangement and mix. I like the strong guitar groove. It is well produced.Good job. :smiley:

very enjoyable track indeed, nice female vocal ist you got there and some mega guitar parts goin on…blew my windows out of the studio…