Synchronizing Cubase 7 LE midi tracks with live drumming

I am playing electronic drums and I would like to play along midi samples with my band, but as all drummers know, during live performances the drummer may drift away from the sample beat. I have read many threads about live tempo recognition and midi tempo control initiated by the drummer, but as a conclusion I have understood that there is no reliable solution for maintainig the sync other than putting a metronome click in the ear of the drummer. So, I am not searching for a solution for audio tempo recognition (nor a kind of tap-tempo-to-midi-clock converter), but would simply want to re-align the midi track beat with live performance occasionally (keeping the tempo the same): when recognizing a small misalignment in beat, the closest 1st beat of a measure of the Cubase midi track could simply be resynchronized by hitting a specific drum pad causing a midi command to be sent to Cubase (7 LE via Steinberg UR44). Is there any means of doing this, i.e. aligning the closest 1st beat of the midi track with the hit and if so, how exactly? Can Cubase recognize automatically the 1st beats of each measure or do they all have to be marked somehow. I believe that by this simple approach small rhythmic discrepancies during a live performance could be adjusted. Even better if it would also be possible to raise / lower the tempo by one bpm each time another specific pad is hit.

I’m not sure I understand but why not just trigger the ‘midi track’ via pad/pedal?