synchronizing korg x50 with cubase 6


First off I’m a total beginner when it comes to using external midi instruments so I could just be missing something in my approach to it.

I have bought a second hand korg x50 it’s installed correctly and connected via usb midi outputs are connected to my audio interface…inside cubase I can create a midi channel select the korg to control it that works fine.I created an audio channel and once I enable the monitor button I can hear the korg as I play.
To test its synchronized up I selected a basic drums kit in the korg played in a basic beat and recorded it.(just the midi data)

When looking at the recorded midi date it’s spot on to my playing so no problem their.I quantized it just to make sure it’s perfectly in time…in order to play back the midi through the korg I set my audio cards buffer to a low setting arm record on the audio track and the monitor button hit record. when the loop is recorded into audio it sounds good quality wise but when I zoom in the audio timing is slightly late.

Anyone had this problem or am I making a newbie mistake?

Thought I better mention if I render a midi vst instrument to audio that is perfect it’s just the hardware synth?

  1. What is your audio Interface?

  2. I have the same problem when recording my Yamaha MO8 analog into my RME Fireface 800. What I do is adjust the record latency in Device setup> VST Audio System.

Zoom in all the way to see how far from the beat the recording starts. If your project ruler is showing bars and beats, change it to show samples instead. Now when you zoom in you can see how many samples the recording is off by. In device setup> VST Audio System “Adjust for Record Latency” should be checked. adjust “Record shift” either forward or back by the samples your off by. You may need to do this several times to get it just right.

Good luck!

I have a FF800 like you.

Great I will try what u have suggested I did take a look at Adjust for Record latency it is checked but I didn’t adjust anything.
I didn’t know you could adjust that I just thought it was a check box and thats it! :blush: also how do I adjust "Record shift?

So are the adjustment options in the same place as the check box?

Right i managed to adust the record latency…but what is happening now is some of the beats are in time and some are slightly out.if i delete the recording and record it again diffrent beats are out each time.

also if i set the korg to play a combi beat triggering it from one midi note in cubase its way out…it was doing this from the start before i adjusted the record latency?its like the korg is not at all in sync with cubase.

Well after wasting ALL day trying to get this thing to work im no further on.
Spoke with Steinberg support nothing they could do to help me get it in sync.

Its nothing to do with recording latency…it’s just not synchronizing with cubase.
Spoke with korg support and they went through my settings and they said I have it set correct,

It just wont work the way I want it to…I assumed it worked just like a vst instrument. When I press play in cubase the korg should play a combi beat in time…I said this to the guy at Steinberg support and he said yeh it should.
But its all over the place if I’m lucky it will play in time but as soon as I stop cubase and start it again it’s out.

Looking all over the web and on here I’m not alone quite a few people are having the same problem…

I hope someone can throw some help my way coz I really dont know what to do next!!!

Is everything correct in the Project Synchronization Setup? If you are trying to record ready-made beats from the Korg it needs to get the sync signal. Just a thought.

I found this and it’s exactly what’s going on

Particularly this bit

many many synths with arpeggiators need both clock and start/stop messages to time the arpeggiator.

these start stop msgs come from drum machines or sequencers. You should not need to use midi-ox… thes messages are bound to come out of pro-tools if you set it up right (or rather, i would be frackkin stunned if they didnt)…

My nova, ms2000 and fantom G all behave the same way… so muck about a bit…you should get it going…