synchronizing tracks from seperate projects

Hello Cubase LE family

I need some help figuring out how to synchronize tracks from separate projects. Here’s how this mess started.

I am re-doing a project for a client that was originally on ADAT. The transfer went pretty well, except that i couldn’t dub all the tracks in real time at the same time without getting dropped signal. So i recorded enough of the tracks for my client to re-do his vocal tracks.

After that was done and he was on his way, several weeks later i went back to transfer the remaining instrumental tracks.

Everything lined up perfectly and was in synch for several measures, and then the gap between the tracks got longer and longer.

I am wondering if this is a sample rate, bit rate or both problem, and would appreciate any help in finding out how to get the tracks to match up. Again its not an alignment problem at the start, its a problem that increases in real time as the track progresses.

Sound like it’s a clock problem.

I take it you didn’t sync the Adat to your soundcard with timecode?

The problem can occur because both machines use their own internal clocks that will run at slightly differing speeds thus the drift in synchronisation between the tracks.

The usual way to transfer between Adat and computer would be to use a time code reference and sync the devices clocks together, or transfer all tracks in one go.