Syncing 2 computers with Cubase LE

Please pardon my ignorance as I really don’t know much about any of this and am using antiquated technology. I have 2 semi-retired Dell computers at my disposal that I can use specifically for recording, one with Windows XP and the other with Vista. I also have 2 identical Lexicon Omega interfaces and 2 copies of Cubase LE. I know that I should upgrade all of this, but I am looking to make some bedroom recordings with what I have available and want a few more isolated tracks than what only 1 instance would allow.

What I want is to use a total of 6 tracks and spread them over 2 instances of Cubase, on 2 separate computers that are in sync. Ideally, 4 tracks on the master computer, and an additional 2 on the slave computer.

First off, is this possible?

Secondly? If so, how would I go about this?

Just to add, this is just for a live drum take through microphones, I’m not doing anything with midi.

Thank you

This could actually be possible with VST system link, but I admit that I have no personal experience with that, just checking the manual

This seems like an overly complicated setup to me, tbh, and personally I’d just get an interface that will allow you to record more channels at once (although it might be a problem to get drivers for windows xp with more current interfaces…)

This piqued my curiosity, tbh. Question to all: Does anyone actually use VST system link with current computers or is it a legacy thing from the days when computers actually weren’t powerful enough?


I don’t see a reason for 2 computers here. Use ASIO4ALL to be able to merge both Audio Devices in Cubase. Then you can use all inputs of both of them in Cubase (one computer).

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I downloaded and installed the ASIO4All driver and the problem I’m having is that since I’m using 2 of the same USB recording interfaces, it is only listed once in the devices in the control panel. Can the computer not differentiate between the two, and if so, is there a way around this?

It does in fact list another device simply as USB audio or something to that effect that has the same specs as the Omega so I select both of them and set the inputs and outputs but can’t get sound from the inputs whatsoever.