Syncing Cubase 4 with MTPAV and a Tascam DA-88

I have a DA88 and Cubase 4, SY88 installed. I also have two MTPAVs. Mac computer Presonus Firepod/FP10. I wanted to know how to sync the DA88 with Cubase 4.
Just want to get some tracks of my DA-88 into Cubase 4!
I have already just ran the DA88 and connected the audio outs to the Presonus and just did a little editing. But I figured it could be easier somewhat to just sync the two.

I have a Mac 4 x 2.5 Ghz PowerPc G5
OS X 10.5.8
Cubase 4.5.2
2 Midi Timepiece AVs
Tascam Da-88

Would it not actually just be easier to do what you were doing and record the 8 DA-88 tracks straight into Cubase and not bother with sync?

You have to set up sync in the transport menu, make one the master and the other slave. It can be done with midi. I dont know the Tascam, but I’m sure it is possible.

Do you need to sync a project to the audio of your Tascam, or is it to edit the audio in Cubase?

You need to set up Clockworks to be outputting time code out the physical smpte output of the mtp av and make sure the time code is being routed to cubase - via the network port of the mtpav - i think, you will have to check the manual for specifics as i haven’t had to do it in a quite a while -(and as was mentioned in cubase transport Panel you will need to make sure cubase is reading it too). If i understand, you want midi time code to the sy 88 synth too, which can be done in cubase transport panel.

as far as the DA88 sync set up goes i cant be of any help.

but i know what you want can be done HTH