syncing cubase with external sequencer in 6/8 time


I’m running Cubase 10.5. my arrangement in Cubase is in 6/8 with the tempo set to 180 quarters per minute.

I’m trying to sync the Yamaha PSR synth to Cubase.

This is what I have done:

Set the midi clock on PSR to USB 1 Port 1( my connection to computer)

on Cubase, Transport menu>Project Synchronization Setup>MIDI Clock Out> PSR Port 1.

I have PSR slaved to Cubase.

When I play Cubase, it plays with tempo 3/2 faster than expected. Is there a way to send the tempo out of Cubase 2/3 of the actual tempo? I wish there was an output transformer. Is there a way to sneak in tempo right after Cubase send the tempo to my PSR

Can someone help me, please? :slight_smile:


How is your Transport > Project Synchronisation Setup > Destinations set, please? Could you attach a screenshot?