Syncing External Synth's Arpegiattor to Nuendo?? HELP!

Hey Gang, I have a new Casio PX5S Stage Keyboard Controller. Its got tons of cool sounds apart from being a MONDO controller. It ALSO has an on board arpegiattor and the 80’s kid in me MUST use this. I am trying to figure out how to sync the arpegiattor to Nuendo…so it will follow and lock into the projects tempo for perfect sync.

I have the Casio set to slave mode so its awaiting commands from Nuendo, but when I hit play it stops the sounds playing in my VSTI’s.

I am admittedly a bit slow when it comes to midi.
Anyone have some Top to Bottom suggestions/things to tweak in Nuendo to get these two things talking nicely.
I am NOT using the USB midi, but a regular ole Midi cable.

Are there settings with the metronome, transport, or midi preferences I need to tick on for this to work?

Any thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Dennis in Memphsi

Nevermind, I figured it out. BUT I will let others know how I did it.

Go to Transport>Project Sync Set up.
In this rather large GUI you will see Midi Timecode Destinations. In there I ticked the Midi device I was using (Multiface Midi). Below that in Midi Clock Destinations I ticked the Midi Device (again, Multiface midi for me). Beside both of those options is an option I ticked called Midi Timecode Follows Project time.

Once I did that the Arpegiattor follows nuendo’s tempo.

Thanks for reporting back with the solution, not a common occurrence.