Syncing music studio wavs in Logic

I want to play out of Music studio into Logic and have the files all sync together. I know I can do it by emailing separate wavs that all start from zero. I want to know how to actually sync from the files in Logic when start times are slightly different and visual and audio placement by hand just doesn’t cut it with multiple tracks. Anybody?

That depends if you’re doing MIDI or audio. You could export your Music Studio project as a MIDI (.mid) file and import it in Logic. The instruments will of course be different and you would select them in Logic to your liking.
For audio tracks, or if you want to retain the sound of your MIDI tracks and export them as audio tracks, the best way is to export to WAV format and enable “Save tracks separately”:

I don’t quite understand what you mean, why would the start times be different if all exported audio tracks start at the beginning of the song?

I am recording them in real time in Logic so time of push record and push play are always different hence different wav lengths.
All a moot point now the latest iOS update on iPhone has rendered Music Studio unusable. Any thoughts on that?