syncing my akai mpk49 midi timeclock to c6

has anyone got an akia mpk49 working with the arpeggiator synced to cubase? i cant work out how to do it correctly. Can someone help run me through it?


Never use it, but it works.

How to?

Makes sure the MPK is on “External Sync”
Global -> MIDI CLK (7 ticks to the right with the arrow) -> External.
If not put it on External with the rotary encoder.

In Cubase:
Make sure in Devices -> Midi Port setup -> the visible box is ticked next to the MPK (USB-Audiodevice on XP) “Out”.

Then go to Transport -> Project Synchronization Setup -> Tick the box next to the MPK (USB-Audiodevice on XP) in “Midi Clock Destinations”.
Alternatively tick “Midi Clock Follows Project Position”, “Always Send Start Message” & “Send MIDI Clock in Stop mode” (the last one could be handy when auditioning sounds without Cubase actually playing).

I recall the MPK has three I/O’s, I only used the first one.

To change the time signature of the MPK, use its “Time Division” buttons.

woo hoo thanks buddy. will try this tonight