Syncing Nuendo with Premiere Pro

Hi All,
Curious if anyone has done this or has any ideas.

I want to lock up Nuendo with Premiere Pro CC (without buying Sync Station) for a project I have coming up where I am the video editor and the music writer. Premiere Pro cannot slave at all. The only thing I can think of to do is put a wav file of timecode on a track and route it into Nuendo.

One thought Is to convert the wav timecode to Midi time code and have Nuendo chase that because I don’t think Nuendo accepts a time code source unless you have the Sync Station.

Any thoughts or ideas?


This might be promising.

Not really, over $1000!

This looks really great but it’s Mac only
Can’t beat it for $19.

The MOTU Micro Express can read SMTPE and turn it into MTC… about $250. Could work…

  • 1 on that one.
    Have been using it for live TV broadcast feed and recording to Nuendo for years. Never an issue.