syncing percussion with drums

Can anybody help me with a fast way of quantising a percussion part with my drums or on the grid I am using.
my track is recorded with a click track.

If I use the different function in the edit window, everything just starts jumping around, so is there fast way, maybe using the the hit points?

The way I am working now is making al events and after that quantise them all, but I think it would be posible in another way as well, is there?


Where’s the actual problem with the percs?
Are they just not in time? Then you have to fix’ em.
Hitpoints is a good way to do so. Set 'em up so that
you have a hitpoint for each important transient of the
percussions, then hit the button "Create warp-ankers from
hitpoints. Now you’re able to quantize the audio.

Here’s a vid about the new quantize panel.

When they just have another bpm then you should simply stretch 'em.

I sometimes also use LoopMash for Percussions. You don’t really know
what you get in the end but the results are better than the original file

thanx, gonna check it out right away!