Syncing Tempo Mapped Song to Live Performance


I will be receiving a video of my band playing live, which for a reason or two, has very poor quality audio even though it was a pro shot.

If I import the audio of that into Cubase and generate a tempo map for it by clicking and dragging the bars around, how would I be able to get an album version of the song, which already has a tempo map applied, to match up as best possible with the video?

This may be quite easy or impossible, but the musical side of Cubase is one I rarely visit.


It’s been a while since I needed to do any serious time manipulation but I think this will work!

Apply set definition from tempo with the write to audio file option on the album version stereo mixdown (in the tempo mapped project of course)

Then import this into the video project that is already tempo mapped and set the file to musical mode in the pool or info line.

TBH I would probably just import the album version to the video project and then freewarp it manually to the grid but also auditioning each bar and tweaking by ear…it may still need a fair bit of tweaking around even if you do use the automated method.

Actually to be even more honest I would prefer to manipulate the video and leave the album audio just as you intended it rather than giving it the live timing and timestretch artefacts…but that’s your choice. :mrgreen: