Syncing tempo of multiple audio tracks?

I am working on a couple of remixes and trying to figure out a good starting workflow for getting all the different pieces synced up. For instance on the first project there are about 10 different audio files each on separate tracks and many of them have different tempos, how would I go about syncing them all up so they conform to the project tempo? I saw a tutorial on using Tempo Detection but i was only able to get it to work on one of the audio files and not multiple audio files. Some of the tracks have beats which makes it visually easier to see when they are synced but some are vocals or synths which makes it harder to tell visually when they are synced up. I am a bit new so specifics are greatly appreciated. Cheers.

If you know the tempi of the files, go to the pool and type it in there. Then set them to musical mode (tickbox in the pool, note symbol in sample editor). They should line up correctly.

If you don’t know the exact tempos you should find them out first. You can use the tap tempo function to find out/type in manually. There are some tools in Cubase to define tempo semi-automatic but usually it’s a hassle and easier/faster to do it manually.

If tempo is constant you could just stretch the files (press “1” twice) in the project window.

If tempo varies within the files it’s getting a bit tricky. Time Warp could help (defining the grid around a file > ‘print’ that self generated tempo information to an event > setting it to musical mode then). Or simply Audio Warp in the sample editor.

However you do it, in case you get weird sound by stretching/compression length, take a look at the different algorithms, to be found in the pool as well as in the sample editor. In preferences you can also define which algo Cubase should use as standard.