Syncing tempo versus timecode

Hi Everyone,

Really newbie question I’m afraid. I’ve come back to writing music as a hobby after more than 10 years out of the loop and have just bought Cubase 7 Artist and a Korg Kronos, both of which I am finding wonderful, but have a somewhat steep learning curve.

I would like to sync the tempo of the Kronos so that Cubase 7 is the master - so I set the Kronos to ‘auto usb’ which means it receives midi through the usb and Kronos becomes slave only when midi info is actively being sent. So far so good! I then set Cubase to master but which ever options I pick, not only does it sync the tempo (which I want) but also seems to do something with the timecode because pressing play in Cubase also seems to play the sequencer on the Kronos, which I do NOT want.

I haven’t quite figured out a workflow yet but as my old Akai DR4 seems kaput after years gathering dust, I planned to record midi to Cubase 7 on a Macbook Air, then when ready to record vocal and guitar, record the midi back to the kronos and add the audio tracks into the Kronos sequencer as I don’t have any other audio recorder at the moment. This means I do not want the sequencer of the Kronos playing when pressing play on Cubase.

Can anyone help with a way to sync the tempo, without them syncing start/stop as well?


I’m not too sure, but I’ll speak a few things and see if that helps…

I have a Triton and it doesn’t start the sequencer when I send sync from Cubase, not sure whether it’s a setting on cubase or the Triton - check the Kronos midi preferences.

Anyway, sounds like you want to send just midi clocks, so that the arpeggiator/tempo speed follows that of Cubase. You don’t want to send MTC because that is usually for sequencers to follow jumping and forward/rewinding through the project timeline.

On my Cb7 sync window (Ctrl-click on the sync button) I have various options for MidiClocks but it’s been a while since I used it and IIRC I’ve never checked any of them before, just selected the midi output.