Syncing the file numbering on Recorded Tracks

This may sound a strange request, but is there any way to force the numbering on recorded wave files to sync between two simultaneously recorded tracks, or some way to link/reference takes so they can be easily matched? The reason I need this is that I like to record my guitar both wet (outboard hardware), and dry during recording. The numbering almost always gets mixed up and makes it hard to match which takes are the same ones.

I know, maybe I should just keep things better organized while recording…but another solution would be helpful


EDIT: I found a way to tie them together - in the pool sort files by date/time. Not ideal, but it works

In Prefs, you can select the Parts Get Track Names. If you label tracks wet and dry it may be an option. Also, the Project Logical Editor has a re-name preset that you can modify to do what you want after the fact.