Syncronize Nuendo 12 to Fantom G8 (to use as MIDI External)

Hi All,

I am new in Nuendo 12 and having dificult time to sincronize my Fantom G8 (old model) i already put the internet upside down looking to tutorial that could help on but did not found any.

Does anyone can help on this subject?


Sorry to ask the obvious - but what information are you missing in the manual …?


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You have to be able to output MIDI from Nuendo to the Fantom G8.

Does your computer have this ability?

Hi Noeqplease

I am using MAC with C port in/out put, is that you mean?

“C port”… not sure what that is. Is that USB to and from the Fantom?

MIDI is a signal. Not a hardware port. It can be sent through MIDI connectors or USB connectors.

How are you connecting your Fantom to your DAW computer?