Syncrosoft POS Error Message


Suddenly I’m getting this at startup:

"Syncrosoft POS ERROR Message

File synsoacc.bundle could not be located
in the Application Support folder".

Weird thing is, it is there.

I’ve since found that when I go to open another song I get this:

“Syncrosoft POS Error Message
File synsoacc.bundle does not have the expected interface”

I’ve tried reinstalling.

What’s this all about?


Make sure your pc recognise you usbdongle first. And then visit syncrosoft website and install latest version. U probably solve it if its not an hardware issue.

Yes. I updated eLicencer and that solved the problem.


Your welcome :wink:

I am having the same message. Dongle works fine old Dell PC but I get this message when I try using it on my mac i5. I did the licenser update. but how do i know if mac recognizes the dongle.