SYNSOPOS.exe prevents Ableton Live from saving

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Hi, I’m having a problem with SYNSOPOS.exe (a system service related to your licensing dongle) locking my Ableton Live 11 projects. It “locks” the file in some way, preventing me from saving. Closing SYNSOPOS.exe releases the file and allows Ableton to save, but then some of my plugins refuse to run. How can I license my plugins without the program locking my project?

Don’t tell me to ask Ableton. They can’t stop your program from locking their program’s files.

What plugin licenses are in your Elicenser Control Center?

There’s not much info in your post to go by.

I just have three licenses from VSL: Vienna Smart Orchestra, VSL Expansion Pack, and Big Bang Orchestra. They’re all activated on the dongle, and the plugin authorises.

It’s nothing to do with Abelton Live itself, but since the plugins are called by Abelton that’s where you see the problem, I reckon.

I can suggest only the generic step of running the Elicenser Control Center installer with elevated priveledge “as admin” and also then running the ELC app the same way.

Also, VSL has a responsive support forum, in my experience, maybe they can shed some light on the problem.