Synth comp pattern from Halion SE starts in the wrong place after adding a 2/4 bar into a 4/4 song

I’m writing a new song, and it uses a Synth Comp preset from Halicon SE. I think the pattern for the synth comp is a 1 bar pattern which repeats if you sustain a note or chord. The song is in 4/4 time, but I had to add 1 bar of 2/4 in the middle of the chorus to make the rhythm of the lyrics flow better.

Now when I try to play or record the synth comp preset in the next bar after the 2/4 one, which is back to 4/4 time, the synth comp pattern is all messed up and starts in the wrong place, like it’s got confused by the 2/4 bar. Is there a way to fix this? One option could be to export the synth comp pattern for the chorus as an audio file then export it back in and paste it to that bar, but can’t it be done without doing that?

I also tried changing the whole song to 2/4 time but I still get the same problem.

Hi @nksoloproject

What is the name of the preset? I searched for “Synth Comp” in Halion Sonic SE and didn’t find any preset with that name. Is that some addon library?

I tried a few presets with flexphraser. It looks like flexphraser is using beat position to sync to host and not position in bar. Literally counting quarter notes from the start and dividing that by the pattern length. Don’t know if that explanation makes sense to you. But that would explain why it’s offset after you change time signature.

Does the preset have a macro page? Can you record the pattern as midi and drag it to project window? It would be easier than render to audio.

Hi, thanks for your reply. ‘Synth Comp’ is one of the categories of presets in Halion Sonic SE, and the preset is called ‘Dilation’ (see screenshot below):

What is flexphraser, and how do I find out if the preset has a macro page? I’m not sure if I could record the pattern as midi, I’ll try. Maybe you can have a look at that preset and let me know what you think?

Thanks, I found it.

Flexphraser is just the name of arpeggiator module used by Halion. This is a screenshot of your preset in Halion 6. And the pattern is indeed 1 bar long. So after changing the time signature to 2/4 for one bar and then back to 4/4 the pattern starts halfway through.

The preset has a macro page. Click the “Edit” tab in Halion Sonic SE. You have some controls for the arp. Maybe try to set the Restart mode to off. But that would only work if you hold long notes or chords and they are quantised to start exactly at the beginning of the bar.

Probably not. It is possible in Halion 6 but it looks like they didn’t add this option to the SE version macro page.

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Wow many thanks for the detailed reply, I will try this!