Synth is messing Cubase?

Hi All,

I am using Cubase Studio 4 on PC with win7 but previously with XP (same problem occured) with Alesis io2 and Kawai K4 (old synth) in between.
Suddenly no sound response from Cubase when touching keys on the synth, though it seems that parameters in Cubase changed. Hitting some (not all) keys will make the indicator on Cubase lighten up.

I am thinking of buying a new set of keys. Maybe this old synth is sending spontanious midi change messages from time to time?

Any idea what is happening??

Thanks already!

1: Please post on “Cubase 5 and 4” sub-forum.
2: Please be more accurate on your description: “no sound response from Cubase when touching keys” can mean anything depending on what is this “sound” you are excepting to hear. Virtual Instrument? Sound of your hardware synth routed through Cubase? If hardware synth, in which way it was routed? If virtual instrument triggered with MIDI, which instrument? Which MIDI driver? etc etc etc.

Hi All, thanks for your comments.

@Steve: indeed h/w synth for the keys only, connected with midi cable => Alesis=>PC via USB.
Already connected another keyboard burt same issue. Indeed it looks like the synth is sending not wanted midi messages (also octave change in existing recordings)

I will check in Cubase & keyboardsettings (if I can find it).



Little late but: The Alesis midi interface was defect! Bought an EMU midi USB cable which works properly.