Synth (Kronos 2) and external instrument (midi)

Hey all,

So Im using elements 8. I know that elements does not support external instruments. Im wondering, is there a way I could send midi track to my synth/keyboard then record the audio back into elements? How would I set this up? What I was looking to do is have the midi track and right underneath it, the corresponding audio track.


Create a MIDI track, set the Output to your MIDI Interface
Create an Audio track connect it to your audio hardware´s Input device ports.
Connect MIDI and audio with your synth.

Oh, well that was pretty easy. What if I wanted to lets say, use the combi mode on my keyboard to say, control 4 different sounds?

Then you should open the Kronos 2 Manual and read up on how that´s done.

okay, I get what youre getting at. Essentially, I would have to set up an external instrument. Cubase essentials does not support this, so kronos manual does not help me in this regard. So Im understanding that Im SOL?

You should maybe explain better what you’re asking. If you want to control 4 different sounds, you need to check your keyboard manual which MIDI parameters it needs to comtrol them, and then send them from Cubase.

It’s the same theme as the earlier post. With the Kronos in Combination mode you can have 16 MIDI channels and the ability to have the Kronos output Audio using either the Main LR channels or the extra channels as 1+2, 3+4 or mono 1,2,3,4 or some combination. You control the audio routing in the Kronos Combination for each track. The Kronos effectively being a submixer. Then in Cubase

  1. Create a MIDI track for each instrument in the Combination, set the Output to your MIDI Interface and the Channel to Combinations parts midi channel
  2. Create up to 4 Audio tracks (if all mono) or 2x Stereo or whatever combo and connect the 4 outputs to your audio hardware´s Input device ports.
  3. Connect MIDI and audio with your synth.