Synthmaster VST

hi im very new to cubase!!.. do all vst’s go in cubase file vst2 folder?..or do different vs’s go in different folders…ive bought synthmaster 2.6 put the file in cubase’s vst2 folder and on start up (im using essential 5) it says it on the start up screen but when the daw is loaded and i go to instruments only prologue and halion one are recognised!??.. please help!! i being a complete numpty?..or is there a reason for this?..many thanks guys!! :smiley: :smiley:

If you don’t know how software is installed, the best way of doing things is to accept standard installation routines.
You can ruin your system by doing things the way you want them to be if you do not know what you are doing.

An install of any instrument puts a dll-file together with the other installation files on the hard drive.
Dll means dynamic link so this means it is a file that is foremost referring to other files on your harddrive.
What cubase needs to know is where your dll-file is.

Under the device tab, you will find plugin information.
There you can assign a path to the folder where your dll-files are located.
that should do the trick the next time you reboot cubase.

Best way of working is to choose a fixed install path for every plugin you install. (f.e. c:/plugins)
Let the installer do the rest of the job.
Do not move any files manually.

Hope this helps a bit.
Kind regards,