Synths of Helion Sonic SE 3

Hello guys,
I’ve just upgraded to 9.5 pro and investigate its Helion Sonic SE 3.
Which synths it should to have actually?
Mine has just 2: Flux and one more.
Is it correct? Or I miss a couple of synths?
Thanks you in advance.
All the best!


If you installed from ISO, the content is stored in the 2nd ISO/disc.

Hello Martin,
I’ve been download it with Cubase Pro and installed it running just a single file: install or setup. Should I install Helios Sonic or other content with running something else?


Did you install the Full Installer (recommended) out just the Update?

That was the full one as I remember because I had AI version so it couldn’t be updated to Pro with Upgrade.


I sent you a link via PM.

I think Halion Se3 just has Flux and Trip doesnt it?