Synthstation25 won't be recocnized on iPhone 4S

I have an old, but working iPhone 4S in an Akai Synthstation25 but Music Studio won’t see the SS25, no matter in what order i launch the app, plug it in the dock and switch the SS25 on. In the MIDI settings page i just see one MIDI connection (Core MIDI (Netzwerk Session 1). Can someone help? I have the full version.

Other apps like Nanostudio work OK with SS25.

I am on iOS 9.3.5

Which version of Music Studio do you have? The version number is displayed in the Setup screen.

Music Studio 2.6 dropped SynthStation support back in 2015, the technical reasons behind this decision are explained here, in the old forum:

However, according to the following old forum thread, MidiBridge seems to be a solution, working as a bridge between Music Studio and the SynthStation: