Sysex MMC midi can be learned and are not viewed in MIDI monitor window


I would like to control VST Live 2 from my keyboard (Arturia keylab 49 I) Stop, start, record etc. Unfortunately none of the MMC midi control commands can be learned in the actions tab. I checked in the MIDI monitor window and I saw none appear. I suppose this is a bug? It is announced as solved in version 2.0.20 but I can not confirm it. Someone else?


MMC is sysex, and for several versions now, VST Live supports actions to be controlled by sysex messages as well, so this should just work. Will try to emulate.

There is a problem with sysex in “Actions and Shortcuts”. They are not saved/restored properly. We’ll check and fix it for the next version, thanks for reporting.
In order to test it, we also have changed the sysex message for the Virtual MIDI Keyboard. It will send an MMC Start when ticked, and MMC Stop when unticked for testing (both with device id = 0x43 Yamaha).

I think the problem goes farther than just the “Actions and Shortcuts”. It looks as though they’re filtered out. In the Monitor window they’re not displayed. So it might be a culmination of problems. If they’re filtered out, they can’t be saved. Sure thing!

No, but they are “lost”.

That can happen. If an action grabs the event before the Monitor can see it, it will not get through. Actions entirely take ownership of the event when they trigger.

In any case, we have fixed sysex related bugs with actions, thus also MMC should now work correctly starting with the next version, plus already mentioned MMC commands to test from the Virtual MIDI Keyboard.

Thanks a lot. I’m looking forward. Will be nice no longer having to reach for the computer keyboard and be able to control the set from my keyboard.
Instead of having fast forward I would like to have the next Song under the >> button. I did not find any possibility to create custom actions or did I overlook something in the manual? For video apparently it is possible but not for Transport.

Next Song is available with Actions/Project.