System breaks at rehearsal letters, double bars etc

It would be nice to specify that rehearsal letters and certain types of barlines force a system break. I like to lay out my parts so rehearsal letters are always on the first bar of the system. Rather time consuming to do it by hand.


It’s not a fully automated solution, but I’ve been known to:

  1. In the first part layout, put a System Break at each rehearsal letter.
  2. Select one System Break signpost and type Select More a few times.
  3. Shift-Alt-[ (or whatever) to get to the next part layout.
  4. Click the barline at letter A.
  5. Paste
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 however many times necessary.

This is often much quicker than using the Include System Formatting option in Copy Part Formatting, as that option makes all casting off explicit.