system breaks when copying using system track

Prompted by helpful comments by Pianoleo in particular (thanks!), I finally got around to learning how to copy passages of music using the system track (as it provides a quick-fix for performance problems for large scores when using condensing). I noticed that if I copy a number of bars (using the system track of the full-score), all the system/frame breaks from the parts end up being copied as system breaks of the full score (and don’t get copied in the part). Equally vice-versa. This seems a feature that needs looking at?

For example, here is a very simple project with just a flute and an oboe and two very short flows. There’s just one frame break, in the oboe part only, in the second flow. If you copy the second flow to the first flow (to append) using the full-score system track, it will copy the frame break, but put it in the full-score. (363 KB)

Yes, agreed, Dorico shouldn’t copy breaks that aren’t visible in the layout you’re making the selection from. We’ll take care of this.

Thanks :slight_smile: