System dividers inset, but from what? and an alignment question

Hi all,

this setting –
– I suppose the inset is measured from the margin?

In the following image, I have moved the top system to the right, and the system divider followed:

So now the inset from margin does not apply. Mostly the start of the staff labels is equal to the margin, but in this case when I want to line up the system brackets, they are not. Maybe the writing here should be changed?

But the question is then – how can I solve the problem on the previous page? On this page I have to move the lower system in to align the brackets, but the system divider is connected to the top system, so it won’t follow the movement:

I want the divider to line up with the systems.
Any suggestions welcome.

I think it’s actually incorrect that the system divider follows any manual indent you apply to the first system on the page. This happens because the system divider is drawn relative to the system above it, but it ought to be immune to those kinds of adjustments. I’ll look into that.

There’s no way to move individual system dividers at the moment. It could be done, of course, but it’s not something that’s currently a high priority for us.

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Thank you Daniel,
I will have to find a workaround this time then.
I guess one way to go would be to change the staff labels to the same length. Maybe line breaks between “Tbn.” and “t.” / “b.”.
To have on option to align by system start instead of staff label start would be welcome.