System dividers setting

The system dividers work fantastically well, thanks a lot for this new feature!
I have a question though. Is it possible in some way to hide the divider between 1st and 2nd system? I have learnt that when the first system is indented, you only start using the dividers after the 2nd system. But please correct me if I am wrong.


You can always cover it up with a bit of white text on white background… Actually, I just did it 10 min. ago :slight_smile:

Ha! Perfect, thanks!

I didn’t know about this requirement, but I will make a note that we should add this as an option in future.

Thanks Daniel. I just had a look at IMSLP to investigate further, and it seems that both ways are common. (Poulenc Sinfonietta after the first system, Stravinsky Rite of spring and Firebird after the second.)

Fratveno, I did not find out how to do it your way, but it is also very easy to blank it out in the printed PDF.

Oh, I just type a few characters, typically increase the font size, select them and the set both foreground and backgr color to white, then move it into position in engrave mode…