System in the Last Page

I always end up with the system crowded like this in the last page

Is there sitting for that instead of doing it manually


Yes, the systems will automatically fill the height of the page if your vertical justification threshold is sufficiently low (check the fullness percentage in the bottom right of the page when Staff Spacing is activated, then set the vertical justification to something lower than that; 40% or similar would probably work).

Thank you, I try it but it become like this

If you want systems spread out more than in your first picture but less than your 2nd picture, you’ve got a couple of options:

  • On this page, move the bottom of the music frame up a bit (so the systems justify vertically within a smaller space, and finish a bit above the bottom of the page)
  • Increase your vertical spacing threshold again, but increase the gaps between staves/systems in the layout so even when not justified, they’re more spread out. This will affect all pages though.

If you increase the threshold in the Layout Options setting “Justify distance between staves and systems when frame is at least:” (my emphasis) then you can keep the staves within the individual systems close to each other, even if the systems themselves are justified vertically. If you set this to 100%, the staves will never be farther apart.

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Thank you all, It has been helpful