System Logging Frenzy on WL7 Mac

On my system, WL7 is spewing log messages to the point of overloading the system’s ability to handle them all. Over 300X/second I get this message:
1/21/11 8:45:22 AM [0x0-0x27027].net.steinberg.WaveLab_7[368] AudioMasterMain called 4 1 1 0 0.00

That’s a real mess… it hinders other manufacturers ability to troubleshoot, and hogs resources. This can’t be right! What’s wrong with my system that’s causing WL7 to go insane writing this call over and over and over and over again? Do I have something set up wrong?

This is most definitely NOT benign, as the system frequently complains about the load:
1/21/11 8:44:00 AM [0x0-0x27027].net.steinberg.WaveLab_7[368] *** process 368 exceeded 500 log message per second limit - remaining messages this second discarded ***

How do I make this stop?

This is a known issue on WaveLab mac, but this happens only with certain VTS-2 plugins. The message you see are issued by WaveLab (this is a mistake to be corrected), but the frequency of the message is set by an open plugin. Normally, the plugin should call WaveLab (and trigger these messages) only while the user edits something with the mouse or is somehow “blocking” the host. Else this is a flaw to call the host that often without any need.

OK, well glad it’s a known issue. Can I assume it’s in the queue to be fixed for 7.02? It’s a real problem as it floods the logs and makes life pretty miserable, even if a plug is triggering the calls.

The reality is the plugs we use are as important as the host. It’s not always easy, practical or possible to use something else and achieve the same results. For users it’s frustrating that The Powers That Be are more focused on assigning blame (always someone elses fault) than fixing the problem. It’s especially frustrating when plugs work differently in different hosts from the same mfg. I’d say this sort of compatibility will define success in getting Mac masterers to switch from whatever they’re using to WL7. If my kit doesn’t work in WL7, but works elsewhere, WL7 loses, no matter how much I like other aspects of the host.

Yes, it’s already fixed here.

Thanks, Philippe! you rock!


PS: do I need to report anything to the plug-makers of tools I use? I tend to edit with plug windows open a lot, explaining this symptom, but if it’s causing avoidable drama I’m happy to report it.

You could point them that this does not seem normal that their plugin call ‘audioMasterIdle’ that ofter per second (that’s what trigger the messages).