System objects above specific instruments


I cannot seem to get the tempo marking to display above the bottom staff in the example attached. I believe this has something to do with with how the guitar is categorized. It would be really nice to be able to simply specify where you want system objects to appear (better yet, have the option to change this for individual objects). This is easy to do in Finale for example. In the meantime, can I get around this without having to type all tempo markings as text? I’m using Dorico 4 Pro.



System text only appears above certain staves in a “Full” score, and although these can be indicated in Layout Options, they generally only appear on the top staff of an instrument group (woodwinds, brass, strings, etc.).

At least that is the current practice.

To reproduce the tempo marking manually on the lower guitar, use regular SHIFT + X text with a paragraph style that matches tempo text.

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Yep. You can create multiple “Score Lists” where you can customize the placement of any assignment.

This really only works with “traditional” scores though. I’m running into a situation with a current large project where there are both pit musicians and stage musicians. Dorico’s method doesn’t really work well when like instruments may be split up into different groupings in the score. The ability to customize control over placement of system objects like Finale can would be very helpful.


Yes, as someone who has worked with Finale since it first appeared, I would love to see something similar to Finale’s Score Lists in Dorico when the Team revisits this area.