System objects and 2 pianos 4 hands

I would like system objects to appear above both systems of a piano duo but playing around with the system objects panel in setup doesn’t do anything.
I’ve looked at various piano duo scores and some do that and some don’t but I would prefer to have them above both pianos. Is there some workaround that doesn’t involve have to copy/paste them all? Thanks.

You could make the second piano a different type of instrument, and adjust the brace and staff name. Then the system objects could appear in that “instrument family” as well.

Thanks for the reply Dan, I’ll look into it but was hoping for an easier fix.

Hi Richard.
Just wondering… You want both parts on top one another, not secondo/primo on left/right page? Dorico and its masterpages (and filers in the music frames) make it so easy… And indeed every piano gets the system objects then!

The majority of piano duo scores I’ve seen have been both parts together, although I have seen other formats. The work has been performed and no comments were made regarding format. I’m now redoing the score from Sib to Dorico. Sib was able to do that.

Ok Richard ! Then follow Dan’s advice, you should find it’s pretty straightforward.

Marc, this could be a language thing. In English “piano duet” = two players on one piano, “piano duo” = two players on two pianos.

The “primo and secondo” right and left pages are used for duets, because that is easier to read when you are not sitting opposite middle C on the piano, but not for duos.

I understand this perfectly. What caused my question is the “four hands” mention, which is mostly used (I think) when two players share one piano). But I might as well be mistaken here too!

So if I use Dan’s method it would work for printing but not for playback as I would not get a piano sound?

Sure, you can change the sound in Play mode.

The process for changing the playback sound of an instrument is shown here.

OK so I changed pno 2 to honky tonk piano and it completely messed up the score.

Did you change the playback sound according to the link Daniel posted? It looks like you actually changed the instrument, which is certainly going to alter the score.

But Dankreider, honky tonk piano is still a grand staff instrument so I don’t understand why the notes on 2 staves would end up on one stave. Also don’t I have to change the instrument before changing the sound?