System objects below bottom staff

I’d like to bring to your attention some issues with system objects placed below the bottom staff:

— I propose that collision detection should consider all local objects as belonging above bar numbers when placed below the bottom staff. My experience so far tells me that the feature is mostly unusable unless I manually override the position of pretty much all objects under the staff — mostly dynamics, naturally.

— Rehearsal marks seem to be snapping to the systemic barline — i.e., where the bar number would be positioned — pretty much all the time when system objects are shown below the bottom staff and bar numbers are set to be shown periodically.

— It would be great if eventually we got the ability to display all system objects — tempi, large time signatures and so on — below the bottom staff, like we can do for repeats already.

Sorry to have taken so long to come back to this one, Luís. I find that bar numbers below the staff do go outside everything else, including dynamics, when they are positioned below the staff. Could you attach a simple example that demonstrates the problem you’re experiencing?

Likewise, I can’t quite visualise the issue you’re describing with rehearsal mark placement: could you please attach a simple example to show what you mean?

Preferably an actual Dorico project rather than a screenshot, in both cases. Thanks!