system overload


I’m having this project with 32 tracks to mix. this is a project recorded at 48khz 24 bit.
I dont have any plugin on it yet and still the average load meter is very high.
why is it?
is it a system problem or Cubase one?

I did some group channels etc (but no plugin on them yet).

win 7, 64 Ram, intel 12 core, RME UFX (usb)

I cannot mix this project with this overload…
please help

somebody? please…

I had this in Cubase 8, window 7 64 bit, with intel i7 and only 16 GB RAM, and switching on “asio guard” got rid of that. If you run another Cubase version, you might try changing the buffersize of your RM audio interface, either increase it or lower it. I set mine to 256 with a Focusrite firewire interface. -F