System Setup and Configuration needed

Hey guys. First post here, though I used to roam the Nuendo forums a long while ago.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I’m kind of desparate. :confused:

I used to work with an artist in LA. I always set up her project studio in the past,
but now I live in Philadelphia. I put her first system together and pretty much
made it turnkey. Templates, mic settings, routings… She used that setup for
many years and completed 3 independently released albums. Most of the
recordings were done on her own in Nuendo. Then she would send me the
sessions to mix.

Last year it was time to upgrade her setup. But being in Philly made it kind of
difficult to trouble shoot the setup once it arrived in CA. A rather sizable
investment in a new computer / interface / drives / became a doorstop.
In the end I was definitely pointing towards issues with the whole 64bit
/ 32bit plug in situation. OS was Win7 64bit.

So recently she just wanted to switch to Cubase 6 and purchase all new
hardware and software. She wanted a simple stripped down machine with
only the software she really needed. We went with Cubase 6, Halion Sonic,
Omnisphere, Melodyne, and Komplete 8. She went with a new Imac with
16gb and an SSD drive.

When she got it all setup the same exact problems were happening. Random
crashes, songs opening with no instruments loaded anymore. Then after
following some direction from Spectrasonic’s and Steinbergs support crew
got the system to the point to where most of her plugins are not being
seen at all. Realizing that this is a problem with lion and the software still
having some issues. And that there was nothing that could be done at this

So I told her one of the options was to downgrade to snow leopard. Which
she did the following day. Things seem to be going smoother now. But during
this time, I turned her on to the new UR28M. She’s not looking to try any
other DAWS. She wants to get this one working the way it should.

We are looking for someone in her area to come in and setup the system
up properly. Templates made, Properly configure the UR28M within Cubase
in order to get the most out of it. Basic mic routing and gain staging, and
any other things she needs to get back to creating music peacefully.

We are looking for someone that is for the most part a professional in
this sort of field. Please PM me if you’re interested. And if any of you
Moderators know of individuals that you usually use for this sort of thing
in the LA area, please let me know. :smiley:

thanks guys.