System-specific vertical space between staves

Dear users and developers,

I think it would sometimes be useful if Dorico provided an option for system-specific vertical spacing between staves in the System break and in the Frame break. What do you think about this?

There are already options to adjust Ideal Gaps and Minimum Gaps between systems, as well as the option to justify staves/systems that don’t quite fill a page.

What setting would you be after that is different to these? I mean, what sort of situation are you finding yourself in?

In some systems, I often have to change the gap individually. It might be effective if the staff gap value could be changed by controlling the gap value in the properties panel, just like the “Space size”.

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You can change the gap value in Engrave mode, by clicking on the number:

Being able to change the Layout Options at some point in the score, similar to a Condensing or Note Spacing Change, would be really useful, I agree.


Also, I think that “player” in Italian is more usually suonatore for music, rather than giocatore, which is a footballer. :laughing:


ahah right! :slight_smile: nevertheless in Dorico, player is translated as Musicista (singular), or Musicisti (plural) : see the Player panel in setup if you switch Dorico to Italiano, and Musicista sounds better than Suonatore to my italian ears.
…also possible is Strumentista (singular), Strumentisti (plural): player of an instrument

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Thanks! I changed it. Sorry for my bad Italian…

Which is better for this specific case? I did not learn Italian, and just know some Italian expressions for music. :sweat_smile:

Violini I Il 4° Strumentista: con la campane tingsa F7; Il 5° Strumentista: con la campana tibetana G3:

Violini I Il 4° suonatore: con la campane tingsa F7; Il 5° suonatore: con la campana tibetana G3:

Yes, but this only allows me to change the gap only between two staves. What I am proposing here is to change the default gap between all staves within a system.

TBH, I’d suggest that complex and specific instructions are written in a language with which the composer and players are comfortable.

German music is written with German descriptors; and French music is written in French. Other than standard expressions and tempi, I wouldn’t feel compelled to write everything in Italian.

Non siamo più nei Napoli del settecento. :cry:


Strumentista is good.

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