System text in multiple parts

Not quite a year ago, Daniel said in this post that it’s currently not possible to make system text visible across parts. I suspect that’s still the case today?

I’m trying to add Dal Segno al Coda instructions and all the necessary markers using Shift-X system text and pasting the Unicode symbols in Bravura, which works decently, but is not reproduced across parts. Do I have to copy them for every player, or is there a better way? And if there isn’t, can I hide the copies from the complete score (but not the parts, of course)?

Since version 1.1. System Text is possible:

System text. It is now possible to create text items that will appear at the system object positions defined on the Players page of Layout Options, and in all layouts, by choosing Write ▸ Create System Text, which has the default key command Shift+Alt+X. System-attached text also splits multi-bar rests.

Great, thanks! It’s hard to keep up with all the improvements Daniel and his team are making :slight_smile: