System text placement?

In an orchestra score with hidden staves, I can specify that system text appears above certain staves or sections, but often a score will have only a few instruments on a system—say, flute 1 and then the string section. In that instance, it would be nice to show the system text only on the top staff. But when everyone is playing, the system text should appear at the top and above the strings.

Is it possible to do this? Selectively hide or show system text? I’ve looked around the forum and documentation, but I haven’t found anything.

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No, I’m afraid at the moment you can’t hide or remove an individual instance of a system-attached item like a text item or a tempo. This is something we would like to implement in future.


I needed to do this with a tempo mark in a section of a part which was playing in free independent tempo while the rest of the orchestra were subject to the marking. So I just swiped it beyond the edges of the page in Engrave mode. This seems to work so well that I’m thinking maybe it carries some kind of snag with it, but it hasn’t come back to bite me yet.

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I have system objects set to appear solely above the top staff and above the string group. However, in this instance (unique in the score), there’s an extra accel. between the divided violas. I can’t move it individually as it is ineluctably linked to the other two occurrences. Is there a solution for this that can be suggested on the basis of this screenshot only? I’ll upload a cut-down score if required, but I’m in a fearful rush and am being stumped by this.
Screenshot 02-24-2022 10.58.45

Does saving, closing and re-opening the project solve the issue?

I’m afraid not. In fact I’ll make a cut-down score and upload it. (Is there a quick way of doing that, BTW? I save under a new name, delete irrelevant flows, then delete superfluous bars, but if there’s an ‘export selection as new project’ command somewhere…)

Not to my knowledge, doing save-as and removing what’s not necessary is how I would do it (as exporting one flow probably wouldn’t pick up some local project-specific aspects).

Hmmm - I’m in a bit of a bind now. The issue is in the fourth flow, so I saved with a new name, deleted the first three flows - and the anomaly now isn’t there in the remaining flow. If I reinstate the deleted flows, it reappears. Trouble is, the whole project is way, way too big to upload here, and I don’t know whether there’s be any point in my uploading just the flow in question, given as the glitch won’t be in it. How should I proceed?

Do you have Dropbox or Google Drive or One Drive?

I do have (the invaluable) Dropbox. Here’s the link:

Sometimes if you move the marking ahead by a 32nd (set the grid and use CTL-ALT right arrow) the duplicate will go away. You can then return it to the original position via Engrave mode.

Thanks. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for sharing your project Gareth – I suspect it’s beyond what I would be able to help with, so I have flagged it up with the team. Hopefully someone will take a look, but obviously that depends on their availability and schedule.

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It’s caused (somehow) by the divisi in the viola part in bar 61 and the return to unison in bar 67. It’s certainly a bug, and unfortunately there are a number of subtle bugs related to divisi and, specifically, to unison passages that remain on our backlog for us to address in future.

Unfortunately it’s a bit of an awkward case to work around at the moment. You can’t scale it down, you can’t drag it off the page. You may have to remove it at the very end of the process after producing the PDF. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks, Daniel. This is for performance rather than publication, so I can easily live with it. I appreciate your having looked into this for me.