System Text positioning: local property?

Hello, I have a project with a lot of system attached text snippets (added with Shift+Alt+X).
I set Global properties to show a border. That works fine.
Now I open the parts, one by one. I change the properties to Local, so I can do fine adjustments in the part layouts.
Once I have finished the 1. Violin (and saved it as .pdf), I open the 2nd Violin layout and do the same. After everything is fine I do the export to .pdf.
If I now revisit the 1. Violin, it doesn’t look the same as before. It looks as if the Local properties got overridden, concerning the positioning.
Am I doing something wrong?
I would love to fine tune all my layouts and at the end do the export of all files.
Is there something with System Attached Text I am not aware of?
In other words, even when positioning system attached text with properties set to local, the position of this text changes in the other layouts.
Unless this behaviour is intended, I would have to re-input all system text one by one onto every staff as staff attached text - and have a second copy of the project file to serve for the score only.
Thank you for help.

I just tested this, and it seems to be working for me. I added system text in the score, changed its positioning locally in one part layout (including “Align with system start” which I see can also be independent), and made different position changes in another part layout, and they all stayed where I put them.

Can you be more specific about what changed for you?

I have text boxes with a border set.
The texts are one, two or three lines.
I have set the text boxes to not avoid collisions. If I select all of them in a flow and do a Reset Position, they end up with the top text line aligned. I will have to move the two and three text line boxes further up, so they don’t sit on the staves. This vertical fine tuning gets lost, once I have done the same in another layout… (if I re-visit, they are all over the place).

I suppose what you’re doing is moving the 2- and 3-line ones in the score first, globally, and then fine tuning locally in the parts, yes? I don’t know whether this sheds any light on it, but I found this in the User Guide under Resetting position:

Sorry … I can picture what you have in the project now, but I’m still not clear on the exact steps you’ve done. Whether and where you’ve Reset Position, etc.

Thank you Mark,
yes, this describes everything how I imagine it should/would work.
I have done the resetting of the position locally, to have a new starting point to fine tune.
Another thing I noticed at the beginning: I opened my first part layout, changed the properties (from Global) to Local and did my adjustments .
Then I opened my second part layout to repeat those steps. But: the properties were already set to Local in this layout (and all other layouts). Is this expected behaviour? I would have thought that one can individually decide, which layout would follow Global settings and which one would (need and) use individual Local settings.
At the moment it seems to me that not only my local property settings “bleed” through to my other layouts - but also the setting itself.

The local/global switch in Properties doesn’t change the nature of any adjustments that have been done previously; it is a live switch for subsequent changes you make. Nor is it a layout-specific setting. So when you change layouts, that switch does not change.

I am back at my computer after having been away for a day.
In the mean time it occurred to me: is it possible, that ‘Reset Position’ does override local adjustments in a global way? This could explain all my quirks; and I will have to do some tests, once my deadline for this project has passed - i.e. tomorrow…

I don’t know it this helps, but a reminder and a possible workflow:

The properties that you changed using Globally will display as Bold, the one that was changed using Locally will display not Bold. (This can help to keep track of the changes made).

I use a combination of :

  • for the Full Score, with Globally activated in the properties, : use the Common/Offset for the global positioning, combined with the setting to uncheck Avoid collision, to avoid collisions with Tempo and Rehearsal marks for example

  • for the Parts, with Locally activated: use the Per staff offset

Thank you Christian, I learn something new every day :slight_smile:
… and these are essentials.

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