System Text positioning pushes left too much

Using a template that gives me a text box for explanation (shown here outlined) and a line of music to illustrate, I’m getting differences in score text I’m not happy with

Not seeing anything in Engraving Options to help, custom properties or in Layout options, maybe I’m missing it.

“The Meyer” (behind C Major flag) looks good, “The Jupiter” and the rest of them look too far left, I’d like to see them lined up with the note head maybe. Any ideas on how to tweak?

Please upload a project that exhibits this behaviour. (Default ones don’t.)

SystemText.dorico (602.2 KB)

You have the Sub Flow Header paragraph style applied to those, which is set to centered alignment.

Switch it to left aligned and they all move back into place. You might want to remove the Indentation setting too.


Thanks for the help!

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