System Text vertical position

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How do I adjust the vertical position of system text?
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Another side question: does Dorico Elements support Noteperformer? I want to recommend Dorico to a friend who doesn’t need big scores (he will be using it mainly for instrumental education and maybe some combo arrangements). And is it possible to open Dorico Pro files in Dorico Elements when they don’t have more than 12 tracks and no extra pro features were used?

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Are you in Galley View? Do you find the same spacing issue when you switch to Page View?

In page view it doesn’t clash because the text raises the the upper system. But yes, it’s too high in page view too.

Very odd. Some extra Enter breaks, perhaps?

I don’t know about using NP (I think you can), but a score created in Pro with pro-only features will open read-only. No saving, no printing.

Are you really using system text here, and if so, why aren’t you using staff text? Surely you don’t want each stave to become divisi at exactly the same moment…

It definitely looks to me as if you have one or more carriage returns at the end of that text item. You can determine the default distance from the staff for text items on the Text page of Engraving Options, but this will affect all text items.

Oh yes, that was it! How embarrassing! Obviously it was my cerebellar finger memory wanting to finish the popover input with an enter key. Sorry for the confusion and thanks!

“Carriage return” sounds so faintly British. Duly added to my vocab list.

Being pedantic, it’s not the carriage returns that cause the problem, but the line feeds :wink:

Reminds me of my days operating radioteletype (RTTY). The teletype machines had separate Carriage Return and Line Feed keys, and you had to hit both of them (sequentially) to return the carriage to the beginning of the line and advance the paper to the next line.

Howard, W6OMT

In my day, “carriage return” was a big chrome lever attached to the typewriter carriage which you swiped with your hand to advance the roller and, well, return the carriage to the left to begin typing again. Yes, it was before electrics came out! :laughing: