"System text"

When inserting a “Da Capo al Fine” by creating a Tempo change and edit it with a new text Da Capo… it show up in the tally view but not in text view. Is it possible to solve the strange behaviour?
Hope that it will be possible to create normal music terms directly and not via a Tempo change in the future.

Can you attach a couple of pictures showing the problem you’re having? You can control which staves tempo items appear on via the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

Dear Daniel, I submitted a screen dump on page and galley view. Maybe there is something with the instrument change from top in C to piccolo trp the bars before the end bar. When I inserted the tempo change i allocated it to the piccolo trp. Kind regards Sten


Please don’t bump threads! I will reply to you when I get a chance to look in detail at the problem.

I have a more general question: Is there a way to put text in that is NOT Tempo text, that will be seen in every part?

I’m doing a silent movie accompaniment, and I need to put in phrases like, “Vamp until cutoff,” and there are other examples of general text I’d like to use without being tied to the whole metronome marking thing.

b) And while I’m on the subject, is there a way to put into a Tempo PopUp the notational equivalent of “quarter = half”?


Lew, the original question was how to put in text that isn’t a tempo marking that can be seen in every part, and the answer to that is that you can’t currently do it. You also can’t currently create metric modulations via the Tempo popover.

Sten, without seeing the project itself I’m unable to diagnose the problem. Please zip up your project and attach it here, or send it to me by email, including a clear description of the problem in the email so that I can figure out which specific problem I’m supposed to remember (I get too much email to be able to remember everybody’s problems by name these days, I’m afraid; either that or I’m getting old). My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Her is the zipped file

I understood that this is not possible at present. But would you have an alternative idea, to get this result, before an update?

Use the Text popover, Shift+X. Write q=h and choose a music font for the q and h.(e.g. Maestro, Petrucci, Opus Std)

Alternatively, choose Bravura Text, then you can create dynamics in the same font as elsewhere in your project. You need to copy and paste the glyphs from Browse the glyphs | SMuFL