System Track - feedback

I’ve found myself using the system track a lot since v2 was introduced. It’s the easiest way to copy material and also insert / delete bars. A lovely little addition to Dorico and very useful.

By way of saving a little bit more time, I would like to suggest some ability within general settings (Note Input Options?) to specify what I would like copied. I find myself regularly deleting time signatures, bar markings and rehearsal marks after copying a section. I don’t think I’ve ever kept any of those so if the option existed to specify what I wanted to be copied on a general basis I wouldn’t include those.

One other point, just on consistency. If I Shift-B in a bar and add one (+1), a new bar appears before the bar I’ve clicked in. If I click on the System Track for the same bar and add one (the plus sign), it appears after the bar I’ve clicked in. It’s not a huge point, I’m used to it now, but it might be good to make things consistent.

Thanks for the suggestion about what we might include or exclude when copying by default, which we’ll think about.

We have tried to make the way bars are added via the system track as sensible as possible, so the bar (or indeed whatever amount of music you are choosing to input) is added at what looks like the right spot, though it’s true that it is not the same way that the Shift+B popover works. The final decision was the product of much thought and deliberation!

May I suggest, if the + button is pressed while Ctrl hold, Dorico also copies the selection into the new created bar(s)?

That’s an interesting idea, which we will also consider (though I think it would need to be Alt, not Ctrl).

I would also like to suggest to place another + button at the start of the selection, to enable inserting one or more bars before it. Right now, you can’t insert bars at the beginning of a piece by means of the system track.

:smiley: Thanks. FWIW I think the new system track takes the better and more logical approach.