Systems Changing When Moving Note

I am putting together a worksheet and have encountered a problem whereby moving a single note from a ‘B’ to an ‘A’ causes large gaps to be put between systems forcing the last system onto the next page. I have attached two files that illustrate this. Riff 1 is before and Riff 2 is after. The offending note is the very last on page two. I am happy with my system spacing but I am perplexed by this. Any ideas? Thanks.

Riffs 1.dorico (581.1 KB)
Riffs 2.dorico (581.1 KB)

No solution from me, but three observations:

  1. If you change the pitch of any note on that system so that it is two ledger lines or more above or below the staff, the same thing happens. It does not matter if the note is beamed to another note or not.
  2. Decreasing the rastral size, in Layout Options, prevents it from happening.
  3. Decreasing the inter-system gap, also in Layout Options, stops it happening too.
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This is my recommendation. I almost always have to decrease this number.

If you look at Engrave > Staff Spacing mode, you can see that that second page is currently 100% vertically full.

This “fullness” is determined by all of the minimum/ideal gaps in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing and the height of the content (notes, text, default gaps under/above text, minimum gaps for avoiding collisions etc.).

Changing that pitch increases the height of the content, pushing the page to over 100% full, so Dorico automatically pushes a system to the next page in order to prevent the page from being overly full.

The right solution’s already been given, but hopefully this answers the why.


Thanks Craig and Steven. I have decreased the gap between the systems from 10 to 8 and it has sorted this out.

That’s great Leo. I understand now too! This is such a great and helpful resource. Thanks guys!

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