systems colliding

This kind of collision happens to me from time to time no matter what number I put in the Inter-system Gap in the setup. Lillie Harris mentioned that it has something to do with Dorico’s calculations going round in circles otherwise. I would suggest that since nobody EVER wants this result, when the algorithm gives this result, it would be best to just start a new frame.



Couldn’t have said it better myself. Wait a minute…

My thinking was that nobody else could have put it better than you, Daniel, so why bother trying?

Lol, thanks for the explanation. Yes I do add frame breaks manually, but as you may know, in a large condensed score it is VERY slow. I have a PC with 64G of ram, 6 processors, and it can take about 30 seconds to insert a frame break.

I have to say that at some point in the process, e.g. after Dorico has “concluded” the calculations you describe, Dorico should be able to simply add together the heights of the two systems and check that they don’t overlap on the page. And if they do, insert a frame break. Since this would affect the overall page layout but not the casting off within each system, it seems to me like it should be fairly simple.

Thanks again for your reply.

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There is little more insidious than a comment from a user along the lines of, “it seems to me like it should be fairly simple”.

Isn’t there some saying

“For every serious problem there is a simple, obvious solution.
–And it is inevitably wrong.”