T-Guitar issues

Just installed the new T-Guitar plugin, but it is very difficult to use.

I’ve updated Halion-6, Halion Sonic and Halion Sonic SE to the latest .4 versions.

In Halion-6 after clicking [Macro] the T-Guitar interface appears but it is absolutely massive and does not fit on any of my screens. The Undock option helps.

In Halion Sonic 3 and HSSE 3 the same thing happens when selecting [Edit] and there does not appear to be an Undock function nor is there a scroll bar, so it is impossible to see all of the settings.

The T-Guitar interface needs to to be scaled to fit properly in the [Edit] areas of the Halion applications.

Note: I have 3 screens:

1280x1024 with 125% scaling
1280x1024 with 150% scaling
3440x1440 with 200% scaling

T-Guitar does not display sensibly on any of them. There do not appear to be similar problems with the other Halion plugins.

I also find that all three Halion stand-alone versions freeze after about 20 minutes if T-Guitar is running.

A disappointing first few hours with this plugins. I’m not sure that I am going to be able to live with this. Is there a refund procedure available?


The TGuitar being the first library we coded for Halion, we thought the size did not matter :wink:
It turns out on smaller screens or at least at smaller resolutions, it goes out of the frame, we were able to experience that now that’s we’re quarantined and don’t have our nice retina screens.
So we’ll issue an update that will fix this don’t worry and probably just reduce the size of the interface by 3/4 or something like that (or maybe just offer a half size preset), it just might take a bit of time because we unfortunately don’t have our dongle that is at our main office and we can’t go there… and ordering a new key might take a bit of time given the current situation.

Regarding the freeze, can you give me a little more information, does it happen when it sits idle or when using it (heavily or not)? Does it freeze with maybe weird sounds coming out of it (this could be a script error)? We have been working for hours on it in standalone and it never froze… Are you using the latest versions of the halion softwares?

I have sent you a private message.

We created a new version scaled by around 70% (and it fits in a smaller screen) and we sent it to Steinberg, you should have access to it soon.

Experiencing TGuitar inside Cubase 10.5 crashed Cubase as a whole 5 times in half an hour - either sending Cubase into nirwana or stopping with a weired ton making Cubase inaccessible … I´m rather disappointed

You should download the new version that was posted yesterday night by Steinberg, everything should be fixed.

I have the april version and it still crashes… Cubase 11 pro and Halion Sonic SE are up to date…