tab button bug in Score (Cubase 10.5)

When using the tab and arrows buttons, there is a bug.

Here’s what I do:

  • I select a note (this is the only mouse and/or click movement I use)
  • I tab to the “Info Line” and adjust the “Start” position of the note (and I move it forward a measure using the arrow up button).
  • Tab button again to get back to the score.
  • Use the arrow left button to select a prior note.
  • Tab to the “Info Line” again, to adjust the length of the note.

When I press the tab button once (with that other note selected) it indeed selects the “Start time” (in the Info Line), but a second press of the tab button, for some reason, shifts the note forward. A second press of the tab button should progress along to the Info Line’s “End” and “Length” options. Only the arrow or numerical buttons button should shift the note or change the note size (when the Info Line “start”, “end”, and “length” are highlighted).

Any ideas on this? It’s really messing up my qwerty keyboard based note entry method.

A workaround:

When using the arrow button to select the second note, if I arrow back to the first note, and then back to the second, the tab problem doesn’t happen.

By the way, not only does the tab key (instead of selecting the next Info Line item) change the note position:

  • It moves it to the same place as the nearby note.
  • It changes the note to the same duration as that of the nearby note.

also … this problem is happening, also,

when I select a chord (with the mouse), and tab up to the Info Line.

The notes move when I press tab…