Tab doesn't switch between item types



In this bar, when D or F are selected, tab does not switch to p dynamic. It does switch when E is selected only.


In this bar, no matter which note is selected, tab will not switch to hairpin or p dynamic.

Is there any way to make tab properly switch between items ?

Thank you

Try pressing the SpaceBar after you enter the p-hairpin popover code and Enter.

I believe Tab only cycles between items at the same rhythmic position.

I was not able to find any documentation of this in a brief search.

Edit: Not by searching for “Tab key” anyway. But searching for “keyboard selection”, I found Navigating to other items in the music area.

Thank you @Derrek : what is this supposed to do ? In note input mode, it just switches to next rhythmic position (according to selected note value). Out of note input, spacebar just starts the playback.

Thank you @Mark_Johnson. Ok, this is unfortunate for those using a keyboard-only workflow, because you need to interrupt it to select dynamic (or another different item type) with the mouse.